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Will I be required to pay for a subscription plan before I can use this Keyword search tool?
No, this tool is free for all users; you can, however, provide your email to receive the latest news and developments regarding our Keyword search tool.

I need to increase the traffic to my commercial website can I use this keyword search tool?
Yes, you can. The primary function of our Keyword search tool is to identify the topics and terms your target audience is searching for globally. With this information, you will create content for your website which includes these commonly searched keywords. This strategy will enhance the prominence of your website on Google ranking and search results, generating the volume of online traffic you need.

I realize my competitors’ website is always featured on the first result page on Google search, how can I achieve this for my website?
Our Keyword search tool has a special feature that can be used to identify the top ranking keyword on your competitors’ website. This is most likely the keyword that has promoted that websites Google ranking. If you can create content around these keywords, your website ranking will appreciate.

I need to identify keywords in a non-English speaking region, is this possible with your keyword search tool?
Yes, it is, our Keyword search tool has been enhanced to cover Google domain names globally, and all you need to do is select the language spoken in that region before clicking the search button. The search results will include trending topics in the foreign country you have selected.

How reliable is the Keyword search tool?
We understand the importance of retrieving the right keywords after a search; this is why our team ensures that our database and operating systems are regularly updated. We have taken measures to ensure the stability of our tool to ensure that you only get new and valid keywords in the search results.

How fast are search results displayed after a keyword search is initiated?
The result of your search will be displayed in seconds. It is a quick and reliable keyword search tool.